Professional Help with IELTS Academic Writing

Thousands and thousands of students from countries all across the globe have dreams of getting an academic degree from a college or university in an English speaking country. As you know to gain admission to many of those schools requires the passing of an English language proficiency test called IELTS.  Academic writing IELTS is a major component of that test.  The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is British in origin and mandatory in Canadian, Australian, and United Kingdom Schools.  The US has its own proficiency test – TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) but today many schools there also accept IELTS results for admission.

The Value of English as a Second Language

Although reaching such a dream requires hard work and effort, beginning with the difficult challenge of passing IELTS academic writing standards, it is well worth the effort. English has become the unofficial language of business. Did you know there are international treaties making English the official language for aerial and maritime communications?  English is also the official language of the United Nations; the official language of the International Olympic Committee; and of other international organisations as well.

Spoken English Proficiency does not Guarantee Passing the IELTS Academic Writing Test

To function in an environment where English is not your first language requires more than fluency in the spoken word.  You must also be proficient in expressing yourself in English writing.  There are many students with near perfect spoken English who struggle when assigned the task of writing an English language essay.  Essay IELTS academic writing test measures your ability to accomplish that task.  If you want to prove you are worthy of being called a true academic, IELTS writing exam is a hurdle over which you must jump.

Why You Need Professional Help with IELTS Academic Writing

There is nothing easy about academic writing.  IELTS test takers who fail on their first attempt most often do so because of difficulties with the IELTS academic writing task.  Even students who consider themselves good writers should consider getting professional help.  No one should risk delaying their dream because of difficulties with IELTS academic writing.

Many non-native English speaking students hire tutors to help them with the spoken word.  At we think of ourselves as tutors of the written word.  When you hire us, you get the chance to practice writing and then receive feedback on your performance.  It is the critique and feedback that will make you successful in IELTS academic writing.  Our staff includes both writers who themselves have passed the IELTS academic writing test and others who have expertise in how those tests are graded.